The low profile of social care policy and the rights of people with disabilities during the current general election campaign is worrying but perhaps not surprising.

Focus Birmingham supports people with visual impairments and highly complex disabilities from across the city, by providing a unique mix of care and support services. 

We empower people with complex disabilities to live life to the full by unlocking their potential. 

Focus Birmingham is both a vital resource for the community and a key enabler of Birmingham City Council's statutory obligations to its citizens, ensuring the authority can support highly vulnerable people, through the excellent levels of care and support we offer.

However, in the context of the national debate around social care, and the specific challenges of the City’s current financial position, we want to ensure the needs of the people we support are put front and centre in this General Election campaign.

We therefore ask for your response on two fronts;

·       What policies does your party propose to safeguard and enhance services for disabled people across the UK?

·       Will you work with us on a local level, actively supporting us to secure the commitment of the local authority to continue to provide the level of excellence and unique care that makes Focus the provider of choice for hundreds of families and individuals across the city?

Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of people with disabilities, ensuring that Birmingham remains a city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive no matter their needs.

Cate Burke, Chief Executive

Marc Reeves, Chair of Trustees