Better Healthcare Access for people with visual impairment - Report published

This published report summarises a piece of work completed in Birmingham to help identify and break down barriers experienced by people with visual impairment when accessing GP healthcare services. Work was undertaken by Focus Birmingham and funded by the West Midlands Clinical Networks, NHS England.

Changes that sight loss brings can have a significant impact on many areas of everyday life including affecting a patient’s ability to engage with their GP. We believe that people with sight loss face unintentional, but very real barriers when trying to access primary care.  This may mean that people with VI:

  • are more reluctant to attend routine appointments
  • have poorer quality information to help them manage their health
  • neglect support, meaning chronic conditions worsen unnecessarily

Andrew Miller, Lead Optometrist at Focus Birmingam, said,“Over the last 12 months it has been lovely to work with several GP practices all across Birmingham. It has been really pleasing to see how keen the staff have been in trying to understand and support the needs of people with sight loss.”

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