On Thursday May 31st Visualise Training and Consultancy and Orbita Black with support from Thomas Pocklington Trust will be running a course is specifically designed for Optometrists (Optom’s) and Dispensing Opticians (DO’s).

This course will be held at Focus Birmingham and you will have the options to select the time you would like to attend the course.   The course itself will consist of:

Hour 1: An Introduction to Visual Impairment - 1 hour discussion workshop - 3 interactive CET Points

An introduction to visual impairment discusses the principle causes of sight loss in children, adults and the elderly and the associated symptoms in the initial and advanced stages. It discusses the problems visually impaired people experience even when visiting eye care practitioners and considers what reasonable adjustments should be made to better serve such patients. A unique perspective is provided by a the presenter who is registered blind.

Competencies: Optom & DO: Communication; Standards of Practice; Optom:

Ocular Diseas: DO: Low Vision; Ocular Abnormalities.

Hour 2: Saving sight, supporting sight loss - 1 hour discussion workshop - 3 interactive CET Points

This 1 hour discussion workshop covers 4 cases concerning low vision or sight threatening eye conditions:

  • A registered sight impaired AMD patient with LV needs, and her concerned sisters who want advice for themselves
  • A veteran glaucoma Px who has difficulty getting his drops in, and relating poor compliance to preventable sight loss
  • A patient presenting with classic symptoms of retinal detachment and why this is the number one cause of clinical fitness to practice cases and insurance claims
  • A congenital aphakic patient, as an infant and as a young adult, and how failure to dispense properly can itself cause a patient to unnecessarily have low vision

Competencies: Optom & DO: Communication; Standards of Practice; Optical Appliances.

Optom: Ocular Disease.

DO: Low Vision; Paediatric Dispensing; Ocular Abnormalities.

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