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Social isolation and loneliness can greatly affect people with sight loss as they can lose confidence and independence.

Telephone Befriendeder Volunteers at Focus Birmingham can help support people with sight loss to overcome feelings of isolation by providing them with regular telephone chats.

The aim is to build relationships where people with sight loss are given the opportunity to share their feelings and speak about what they are going through in a confidential and non judgemental conversation.

The Telephone Befriending Service is part of the Community Services Team based in Harborne and will be run by volunteers who will be supported by staff at Focus. Telephone Befriender Volunteers will make a call on a pre-arranged day and time each week, lasting around 20 minutes at no cost to those being called. If you have appointments or are going away just let the volunteer or Focus Birmingham know.

The service is for people who have a Visual Impairment and Sight Loss, it may not be suitable for people who also have:

  • Hearing impairment
  • Memory Loss
  • Serious Mental Health Issues

Our volunteers are not trained counsellors or support workers and the service is for providing support through conversation and a listening ear.

All of our volunteers have a visual impairment so they are able to provide real empathy and understanding to people going through a loss of vision. Our volunteers will offer encouragement and help people to be more independent as they have a good knowledge of Focus Birmingham including services and support offered.

Registration is easy and calls can be made on Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning and Thursday and Friday all day, once you register we will send you a confirmation letter and guidelines for the service.

If we have a large number of people using the service we may operate a waiting list and limit the number of calls we make – based on people’s needs and circumstances. We will also regularly review and evaluate our the service to ensure it is meeting the aims and objectives of the service.