Focus Service User, Permjit Bhachu, explains the importance of communication during the COVID-19 lockdown and how Focus has helped her during this difficult time.

Perm, explains: “I really enjoy being in the Whatsapp group because I can communicate with other like-minded individuals and the Focus staff are really approachable. Focus counsellor, Nicky has been great with her ‘over the phone’ counselling sessions which has helped me manage my wellbeing during lockdown”.

Staff hold regular activities within the group which help stimulate the mind, such as quizzes, riddles, debates and lot’s more.

Perm, adds: “I feel valued and supported by everyone in the group, we all help each other which is something I find inspiring. The group is a digital support line and it’s really heightened my I.T skills, without the group I would feel lost.

Being in the group has made me feel more positive, we are like one big family looking out for each other. During a challenging time like this it’s important to be around like-minded people who are there to support you”.

Interaction is important during a time when we all in lockdown, as it can have a negative impact upon your wellbeing. The Whatsapp group allows you to open up and talk to others and can give you peace of mind as well as have a positive impact.

Perm, goes on to say: “The group has helped me a lot whenever I feel lonely and the constant messages of hope keeps me going.”

Our aim is to keep supporting our service users during these unprecedented times by adapting and using online platforms. 

When lockdown was announced a year ago my anxiety went through the roof and I was worried about isolation and not being able to connect with people. I’ve known about Focus for around 20 years and I was also a volunteer for the befriending service. I think Focus has given me a second lease of life with the activities they host”.   

Image shows Focus service user who takes part in the VI yoga classes.

Perm adds, “The online Yoga classes have given me focus, strength, positivity and balance in coping with my anxiety. I enjoy it so much I am now doing more advanced classes and the instructor, Aine, is absolutely brilliant, patient and works to our needs i.e different levels of disability.

Other activities I attend have been engaging, socialable and you are able to have a jolly good laugh which is good for our mental wellbeing. The activities provided by Focus have given me consistency and structure to weeks in lockdown. Technology support has helped me access the zoom and Microsoft platforms which I have never used before lockdown".

Call our Supportline: 0121 393 4849 and our staff will be more than happy to assist you.