Art Club is a popular, carefree club that has been running since 2001, taking place once a fortnight on Thursdays 10am-12pm. 


Ian is the man in charge and is eager to see a smile on everyone’s face and welcomes newcomers with grace. It is an independently run group and caters to Focus service users, VI (visually impaired) people of all stages are greeted. 

There are nine wonderful volunteers who ensure everyone is taken care of. John has the teapot ready and Ron has the paintbrush ready and the beautiful ladies come round with the biscuit tins.

These volunteers also make sure that one on one care is given so everyone is attended to so they can produce the best work. The atmosphere upon arrival is calming and untroubled and brings enjoyment to everyone! All is welcome. (You may even get to cuddle a guide dog puppy in training!)


Art club is home to endless possibilities, you have freedom over everything including: Pottery, watercolour, textiles, crochet, knitting, sewing, weaving, birthday card making and collaging.


Did you know that yellow is the easiest colour to recognise for the VI? 

On Thursday 8th February Art club session, Ron and Ian both celebrated special occasions, Happy anniversary Ian! And Happy 85th Birthday Ron, both for the 23rd February!

If you are interested on Focus Art Group or for more information contact: [email protected] or call 0121 393 4849.