Simone Martine, also known as Simy, has been taking part in sailing classes alongside Midlands Sailing Club and Sail Birmingham for around 7 months. Simy is one of many service users who take part in a wide range of Focus Birmingham organised activities.

Sailing is one of Simy’s favourite activities. She say’s “My initial reaction was that I didn’t know classes like these existed for the sight loss community. Focus Birmingham did an amazing job co-hosting, and promoting activities like sailing, to the VI community. I did feel quite anxious when I first went out in the water to sail but fast-forward a few months and I absolutely love it. It’s just an amazing feeling knowing someone like me can take part in these adrenaline-rush activities.”

Focus Birmingham offer a wide range of activities specially designed to stimulate healthy physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We have something for everyone, call: 0121 393 4849 to find out more.

Simy, further commented, “I was surprised and excited that I got the ‘Most Improved Sailor of the Year’ award. It just goes to show, it doesn’t matter your ability or if you have a disability, hard work and determination pays off. 

I recently started to attend sailing outside of the Focus Birmingham classes – that’s how much I enjoyed it. The most comforting feeling is knowing the staff at Midlands Sailing Club will do anything possible to ensure people with visual impairment can take part in the activities. The way they adapt and cater to my needs is amazing.

More organisations should offer a classes like Focus Birmingham. Midlands Sailing Club and Sail Birmingham enable me to feel included. Without Focus Birmingham I wouldn’t be able to take part in these wonderful activities. I would encourage others to take part because it’s fun and you feel so good after taking part”.


If you would like to take part in our weekly sailing class or any other activity we host, visit: activities or call: 0121 393 4849