Focus volunteer, Jonathan Payne talks about why volunteering is important to him.

“I've been volunteering with Focus for over 18 months now; during that time I've performed a number of roles, including reception duties, creating learning materials for use in our day centre and most recently contributed to our reminiscence group by researching a variety of topics to use as a subject matter in the lively discussions which form the basis of the group's function.

Volunteering for Focus provides me with a sense of pride because I realize just how vital the services are to the people we support”.

Image shows Jonathan Payne one of our volunteers

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, build your skills and gain valuable experience.

Jonathan goes on to say, “I get the opportunity to interact with a diverse mix of people, both colleagues & service-users and enjoy the variety of roles available to me. Before joining Focus, I had an extended period out of work (due to a long-term health issue). Working with such a vibrant and supportive team has really helped me to reawaken my enthusiasm for work and particularly helped me to identify the sort of tasks which I feel are a good fit for my skills.

I feel service-users value the combined contribution of both paid staff and volunteers at Focus. The services we provide meet their needs and they feel confident to approach us”.

Volunteering with Focus Birmingham is much more than just giving time – it’s a way of making your own life better

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