Focus Telephone Befriender, Pam Hughes talks about why she enjoys volunteering.

“I have been a telephone befriender for around two and half years and I enjoy every minute of what I do with Focus. Volunteering is important to me because I know I make a difference to someone’s day and that gives me a sense of purpose. I feel very proud giving back and supporting to this amazing local charity". 

Our volunteering programme is all about helping you build your self-esteem, confidence and new skills.

Pam goes on to say, “I feel privileged being a telephone befriender, knowing my weekly phone calls are helping the people we support mentally and emotionally. I can empathize with service users because I also have visual impairment so I understand what they are going through. A weekly call can make all the difference to the people we speak to, which is why I feel proud to be helping with this service. I would totally recommend volunteering because it can help you expand your network, learn new skills and you’ll be supporting a vital service within your community”.

If you would like to know more about our volunteering opportunities and how you can support our vital work, click here