Focus Telephone Befriender, Dorothy Ward, talks about the satisfaction she gets from volunteering and what it means to her.

Dorothy Ward is another one of our telephone befrienders and has been volunteering with Focus for a while she used to support our activity centre in Hodge Hill. Since the pandemic she has been supporting our telephone befriending service.

Dorothy says, “Volunteering is close to my heart because my husband lost his sight so I understand the emotional journey one goes through. I enjoy what I do because I get to help others and that gives me such satisfaction. I believe the befriending service is such a vital service Focus offer because it helps with your mental wellbeing and gives the people we support much needed social interaction”.

Our volunteering programme is all about helping you build your self-esteem, confidence and new skills.

Dorothy goes on to say, “The appreciation you get from the people we call each week is so heart-warming and makes me feel valuable. Volunteering is such a rewarding experience because not only are you giving back to your local community but you get so much out of it too”.

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