Focus Telephone Befriender, Susan Wright talks about why she enjoy volunteering and what it means to her.

 “Volunteering with Focus Birmingham is close to my heart because many of my loved ones have Retinitis Pigmentosa. Giving back to the charity meant I was helping people that mean a lot to me.

I have been volunteering with Focus Birmingham as a telephone befriender since 2018 and love every minute of it. Ever since the pandemic, social interaction has never been more important, and the Befriending Service offered at Focus gives the people we support that connection and helps tackle social isolation.

Whenever I speak to somebody over the phone and they laugh, I get so much pleasure knowing I have made someone’s day even if it’s only for a short while. Giving back is so important to me because services which Focus Birmingham provide are so vital to people with visual impairment and complex disabilities. Knowing what we are doing is helping to make lives better is such a good feeling”.

Our volunteering programme is all about helping you build your self-esteem, confidence and new skills.

Susan goes on to say, “Not only am I giving back, I am connecting with new people and feel valued knowing I am doing something good. I think people should volunteer to not only give back to their local community, but to personally develop new skills, knowledge and experience.”

Volunteering with Focus Birmingham is much more than just giving time – it’s a way of making your own life better

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