Marking the start to a new year with an exciting new challenge, Focus Birmingham launches virtual fundraiser, Take on 250.

Every day in the UK 250 people begin to lose their sight, and to help spread awareness, Focus Birmingham is collaborating with 28 other sight loss charities to invite people to Take on 250.

The challenge takes place from 1 January to 31 January 2023, and people can take part individually or as a team. Participants can choose any activity, whether it be baking, knitting, running, walking, or dancing and complete 250 minutes, 250 laps, or 250 repetitions – the choice is up to the individual or team, including their fundraising target.


Funds raised for Focus Birmingham will help support those with complex needs and visual impairments

To set up your fundraising page follow this link 

Fundraising ideas

The possibilities are endless for your Take on 250 challenge. Below are some ideas to get you started, whatever your age, interests or fitness levels:


Community fundraisers:

  • Bake 250 cupcakes or cookies and hold a bake sale.
  • Run or walk 250 laps of your local park.
  • Build a 250cm Lego tower
  • Do 250 minutes of yoga.
  • Do 250 press-ups a week.
  • Knit 250 items and hold a sale.
  • Complete 250 laps of an assault course in your garden.
  • Climb your stairs 250 times.
  • Sing 250 song requests.
  • Swim 250 lengths of your local swimming pool.
  • Do 250 keepy-uppies.
  • Skip or roller-skate for 250 minutes.
  • Juggle for 250 seconds.
  • Hop 250 times on a pogo stick.
  • Pick 250 of any distance you like, from inches to miles, and get sponsored to complete the challenge throughout January (cycle/run/swim/walk/hop)
  • Toss 250 pancakes
  • Tell 250 jokes
  • Dance to 250 songs
  • Crochet 250 squares
  • Collect 250 5p and 20p coins and donate
  • Abseil 250 ft - ArcelorMittal Orbit and raise £250. Cost £95 (approx.)
  • Host a clothing drive and collect 250 items of clothing for charity

In-house fundraisers:

  • Hold a tombola with 250 prizes.
  • Host an online/in-person bingo night with 250 people.
  • Host an online/in-person quiz with 250 people.
  • Sell joke books with 250 jokes inside.
  • Organise a 250-item sweepstake.
  • Organise a community dog walk with 250 dogs.

School fundraisers:

  • Take on a 250-hour sponsored silence.
  • Write a 250-line poem as a school about sight loss.
  • Raise £250 for our charity as a school throughout January.
  • Write a 250-word story about living with sight loss.
  • Paint/draw 250 pictures depicting sight loss to be displayed in a public gallery.

Corporate fundraisers:

  • Wash 250 cars.
  • 250-hour danceathon.
  • Raise £250 through a dress down day.
  • With a rowing machine/exercise bike in the office, row/cycle 250 miles.
  • Hold a Yogathon and complete 250 hours of yoga.