At Focus Birmingham, we have experience of commissioning with statutory authorities at a range of different levels and we are always interested in talking to commissioners about relevant services.

Our Sight Loss Services enable people of all ages living with sight loss to make informed choices about their future, increase their independence and find the confidence to go beyond their expectations.

Sight Loss in Birmingham & Solihull 

In Birmingham and Solihull it is estimated 36,510 people live with sight loss, this 2.7% of the population; this figure is set to rise to 42,680 by 2030. Both areas have a number of key risk factors causing a rise in people with sight loss: 

  • Obesity: 65% of people in Birmingham and 54% in Solihull are overweight
  • Smoking: 16% of people in Birmingham and 11% in Solihull smoke 
  • Stroke: 30% of strokes result in long term sight loss 
  • Deprivation: 75% of visually impaired people live in or on margins of poverty

50% of sight loss can be prevented let's work together to prevent future sight loss and make the lives of people in Birmingham and Solihull better. 

How our services can help health priorities: 

Promoting emotional and wellbeing resilience We ensure mental health and wellbeing solutions are embedded throughout all the stages of our pathway. 
Tackling social isolation and loneliness We are reducing isolation and empowering people through our short and long term support stages. 
Integrating health and social care

Our 4-stage model incorporates both clinical and social support to enable people with visual impairment to be supported in the community.

Extending health provision in the community

Our sight loss support model enables us to deliver specialist low vision holistic care to people within their won communities. 


Find out about how our sight loss support pathway can help improve services for the growing numbers of people living with sight loss in Birmingham and Solihull. Download here

To find out more about how we can work with you please contact Andrew Miller, our head of sight loss support services, [email protected] or call our supportline on - 0121 478 5222.