A – Auction of promises. Ask colleagues to come up with a promise (our fave is make the tea for a week!)

B – Bingo – lots of online bingo ideas out there

C – Cards – Have a game of cards over lunch –even snap would work!

D – Dress down day – always an office fave!

E – Entrepreneurs’ day – organise a show and tell of ideas and charge an entry fee

F – Firewalk – there are some flaming good companies out there who can help you organise this

G – Get Friendly – organise a gathering to network and make new friends

H – Helping Hands – charge each other to do the odd jobs around the office that no one wants to do!

I – No I in team! Set up challenges between departments

J – Job swap – sponsor each other to do stints in each-others jobs

K – Keep fit – try seated exercise in the office

L – Lose that loose change – arrange collection boxes for coppers

M – Matched donation – Ask your employer to match the funds you raise

N – Nite out – orgainse a meal / fun night out and charge that little bit extra for the fund!

O – Office Olympics – Let your competitive side show and get creative with office Olympic-style challenges.

P – Payroll giving – Ask your employer if they offer payroll giving and suggest Focus Birmingham as a beneficiary

Q – Quiz – just gotta be!

R – Recycling – Raise money by setting up recycling points around the office for mobile phones and printer cartridges etc.

S – Sweepstake – buy options for a donation and half goes to the winner and half to Focus

T – Tombola – re-gift all of those birthday and Christmas gifts that can be repurposed and set up a fun tombola

U – Unusual clothes day – this is a fun version of dress-down Friday!

V – Volunteering – ask your boss if you can volunteer for Focus for a few hours, we always have something that needs to be done

W – Walk to work – get sponsored to walk to work for a week

X – Xmas crafts fair – organise a bring and buy sale

Y – You matter – organise a well-being day at work for donations

Z – Zumba! – go on give it a go