We are a local charity providing city wide support to people living with sight loss and offer psychological and emotional support to patients. Whether your patient has just been diagnosed with sight loss or it has taken a gradual change over the years our support services can enable patients with sight loss to independent lives. 

Sight Loss Pathway

We have created a Pathway document to highlight how our expertise can help you to meet your priorities. To find out more about how we can work with you please contact our head of sight loss support services, [email protected]

We have a range of resources available for you to download and distribute amongst your networks, you can find out more, here or call us on - 0121 393 4849 and find out about the different ways we can work together. 

Activities Programme

Our health and wellbeing activities focus on helping people with sight loss improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. If you are a Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) and want to know more about our activities, click here or email: [email protected] to receive our activity timetable. 

Counselling Service

We offer the only specialist face to face counselling service across the city to enable people with visual impairments to build emotional resilience. Our expert knowledge, high quality service and needs-led approach enable us to help make lives better. 

Information, Advice and Guidance

Our expert coordinators can offer you the latest and up to date information to help you provide the best possible support to your patients. 

Telephone Befriending Service

We have developed the Focus Telephone Befriending System. If you have patients who might benefit from a regular call from one of our trained volunteers, refer them to the system below. It is easy to complete the process and can be done by a third party (health care professional, family member, friend). The system will match the befriendee with a suitable volunteer and schedule the calls. The specially trained volunteer will monitor any dips in wellbeing and refer back to our counselling/group counselling service as necessary.

We have found that a good chat with someone once a week really improves social isolation and wellbeing. Sign patients up here


For all referrals: